Healthy Resources

Don't be overwhelmed with confusing nutrition information. Use these links to help you learn more about your needs and how to make healthier choices a way of life!

Portion Distortion - Portion size plays a major role in maintaining and losing a few pounds. Learn some quick tips on avoiding portion distortion and ensuring you are properly managing your portions. Click the icon to learn more about these quick tips.

Mindless Eating - Discover eating traps and situations that cause us to eat more than we realize- and learn how to change them!

How to Outfit Your College Pantry - This how-to manual provides a step-by-step guide with pictures to help you set up your food stash.

Sound Weight Management Advice - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers sounds advice for assessing your weight, balancing your calories, and managing your weight goals.

Individualize fruit and veggie needs to promote health - Need resources to enhance your intake of fruits and veggies for an overall healthy lifestyle? Learn your needs and the great benefits of small changes.

Customized Food Plan - Want to know the amount of each food group you need daily? Enter your individualized information into this site to receive a customized meal plan.

Cholesterol Management Health Center - What is high cholesterol? What are the risks? If you are asking these questions and wondering what you can do to prevent high cholesterol or improve your cholesterol levels, look here for answers and advice.

DASH Eating Plan to Lower Blood Pressure - This free guide is your roadmap to improving your blood pressure with healthier eating choices.

Visit Calorie King and The Calorie Counter - If you are just interested in finding out how many calories are in the foods you eat.

Menu Stat - Provides calorie lists and nutrition facts help you to make more informed nutrition decisions.

Healthy Eating Recipes and Meals - This site offers tips and tricks to cutting calories with products, recipe modifications, and new ideas.

Get fit! Check out these links to help you make a plan, stay on track, and reach your fitness goals!

American Heart Association - American Heart Association published an article discussing tips to start a successful long-term exercise program. Tips range from what type of clothing to wear and ways to make getting and/or staying in shape fun. Click the link to discover more information to become a healthier version of yourself.

President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition - This is a government- based website discussing ways to develop a healthy lifestyle. The “Be Active” tab covers many valuable links. These links emphasize why being active is important, ways to exercise, stories from real people, and many other useful resources. Click the link to better understand the need for exercise in your life.

Lifehack - While this website offers advice on a variety of topics, this link specifically addresses the best fifteen ways to start an exercise habit and stick to it. Click here for a quick and easy read on how to turn your New Year’s Resolution to an exercise habit solution.

Research continues to find that planning and tracking are keys to success in healthy living!

WebMD allows you to create your own personal food and fitness tracker, while providing an array of resources to help you meet your health goals.

Fit DaySpark PeopleLoseitMyfitnesspal and Livestrong are free online sites that offer many resources and self-monitoring tools to help you track your calories, exercise, and goals. All provide apps that allow you to utilize your smartphone as a tracking tool and calorie counter to promote weight loss and monitor overall intake.

MyPyramid allows you to plan, analyze, and track you physical activity and food intake. You will also find many other useful tools here.

Tools to help you live a healthier life are at your fingertips! The selection includes apps and widgets for android and/or iphones (all may not be available for each). Weblinks are provided if you want to check them out from here, but use your phone to search and find tools to meet your needs. (While we strive to provide a resource list for apps that are free, some may be available at a minimal cost based on your mobile device and the available app upgrades and options you choose).

Ease into 5k and Couch to 5K - Provide direction if you have thought about taking up running.

Daily Butt Workout and Daily Leg Workout - Five to ten minute workouts, along with photo demonstrations will let you be prepared to exercise at the gym or at home.

Simple Weight Loss Resolution - Track weight and see your progress. This widget serves as a visual reminder and motivator.

Tactio weight tracker allows you to track your weight and map your weight loss progress.

Nutrition Facts - Find out the nutrient content of thousands of foods and beverages.

App reviews to help you reach your nutrition goals - Turn to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for reviewed, top-rated nutrition apps. This link provides you with a useful guide for the top apps to help you manage your diabetes, weight, or gluten-free eating.

Super Cook App - Answer the "What's for dinner?" question with this app, which gives you recipes based on what you have in the cupboard.

The Snack App - Tell the app what you are craving and it will give you a suggestion.

Dinner Spinner by - This app gives you a dish by type, ingredient, and time frame - or shake to spin for random dishes.

Food on the Table - Meal planning and grocery shopping are all made easier with this app.

Goal Quotes - Stay motivated by selecting quotes of choice, saving favorite quotes, or getting updates regularly with words of encouragement.