Healthy Dawgs 2017

MSU on the Move is here to help you kick off 2017 with a healthy start! Join the Healthy Dawgs program and get connected with others who will motivate and encourage you!

The initial group meeting takes place at the Sanderson Center classroom on Tuesday, January 24th at noon or Thursday, January 26 at 5:15 pm. Choose which meeting time works best for you!

Details of the program are listed below. Sign-up Here!

Here is what you will do:

  • Hold yourself accountable to attend the bi-weekly meetings. You will receive healthy tips, food samples, recipes, exercise and nutrition information, and also report on your own goals during these meeting times.
  • Participate in an accountability group! Engage with your accountability group regularly – do it for yourself and for others in your group! We are stronger when we work together!
  • Work toward bi-weekly goals. A nutrition and exercise goal will be established every two weeks by the program, and you will create your own personal goal to work on every two weeks. These will be written down and turned in at each meeting.
  • Join MSU on the Move Healthy Dawgs 2017 closed Facebook page. Here, we will add updates, recipes, videos, resources and many other useful tools to help you be successful in your healthy endeavors. We also will be asking you to participate on this page by sharing your own motivating tips, recipes, and questions that can benefit other program participants!

More about program resources:

Bi-weekly Meetings:

All meetings will take place in the classroom of the Sanderson Center. During these 45-minute meetings, you will be able to grab a healthy food sample and/or recipe, turn in goals sheets and update incentive chart. Each meeting will include a short discussion on a relevant health topic, an updated exercise guide, as well as time for group support and open discussion. These will be fun gatherings to share successes, discuss ways to address barriers that have come up, and motivate each other to keep working toward goals!

* Incentive prizes will be given at various times throughout the program. Make sure to come to meetings and check Facebook page to learn more about upcoming prizes and incentives.


There will be 3 optional weigh-ins during this program, which are available for those working to lose weight.

Initial weigh-in: Immediately after the meetings on January 24th and January 26th.

Mid-point weigh-in: Thirty minutes prior to the meetings on March 7th and March 9th, as well as immediately after these meetings.

Final weigh-in: Thirty minutes prior to meetings on April 18th and April 20th, as well as immediately after these meetings.

* An additional morning weigh-in time will likely be added during the weeks of March 5th and April 16th. Exact date, time and location TBD, so be on the lookout!

Accountability groups

These groups will consist of individuals who commit to motivating and encouraging each other. This can be a group of self-selected friends or co-workers who decide to push each other, or can be groups of 4-6 people that are assigned to a group by the program. We encourage accountability groups to come up with a team name, have fun and hold each other accountable to individual goals! Team spirit is highly encouraged, with potential prize incentives on the line!

Bi-Weekly Goals

At each bi-weekly meeting, you will write down goals handed down from the program related to nutrition and exercise. You will also add your own individual goal to work on for the next two weeks. At the following meeting, you will turn in these goals. Goal sheets will have space for you to report on if you met your goals, on the barriers you faced and additional support you need if you did not meet them.


An incentive chart will be made to include each person for the duration of the program. Participants will earn stars on their chart based on meeting attendance, goals met, as well as fun challenges and activities that will arise throughout the program. The incentives are meant to be a fun motivation to help you reach your goals. The incentive chart will provide personal motivation and satisfaction for some, and a mode of friendly-competition for others. Remember, everyone is different! The ultimate prize is YOU learning how to make HEALTHIER CHOICES that make you FEEL BETTER!!!

Earned Prizes

We realize that not everyone takes a ton of steps on Stridekick, and not everyone has a goal of weight loss. But we do want to recognize those who put forth great efforts in these areas. Additionally, we have added fun prizes that can be earned by everyone who puts effort in the program! We hope that you find these fun and motivating additions to the personal satisfaction you feel in making your health a priority!

Milestone Awards: These prizes will be based on earning stars on your incentive chart throughout the program.

  • 10-Star Award (This prize will be a Healthy Dawg t-shirt!!)
  • 20-Star Award
  • 30-Star Award

Shoot for the Stars Award - The participant who earns the most stars.

High Stepper Award – The top three program participants with the most steps on Stridekick.

Weight Loss Award - The top three program participants who lose the highest percentage of weight during this program (January-April).

Top Dawg Award – This prize will go to the participant who has exhibited the behaviors and attitude found to be motivating to others, and will be voted on by the program leaders and all program participants. The Top Dawg will be a person who leads by example by putting forth their best effort while offering motivation and encouragement to others!

Tentative Topic Schedule

Week One (January 24th and 26th)

  • Goal Setting
    Learn how to set appropriate goals for success, and establish your goals for the program.
  • Journaling
    Learn how journaling and tracking applications will help you stay on track.

Week Three (February 7th and 9th)

  • Exercise
    An overview of exercise for various stages, what works best for you, ideas, tips and support.

Week Five (February 21st and 23rd)

  • Portion control
    Learn the appropriate portions for each food group that will keep you healthy.
  • Satisfaction Factor (Intuitive Eating)
    Lesson on how to listen to your body to avoid overeating.

Week Seven (March 7th and 9th)

  • Dining Out
    Learn to read a menu to look for healthier options.

Week Nine (March 21st and 23rd)

  • Healthy Food Choices Learn how to make healthy choices for a healthy lifestyle - meals, snacks, food prep, when traveling, on campus - everyday!

Week Eleven (April 4th and 6th)

  • Kitchen Make-Over A template to help teach you how to make-over your kitchen with healthier options.

Week Thirteen (April 18th and 20th)

  • To Be Determined!